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" Our brotherhood protecting your neighborhood"

Haslet  Fire Dept. 
Support Group




The adult fire camp is an exciting and educational immersion in the firefighters daily life.You will be using firefighting tools and equipment throughout the day to accomplish physically challenging tasks. Using the Jaws of Life to extricate a victim from a wrecked car is one of just a few items. You will learn about CPR, AED operation , fire apparatus, first aid, and fire suppression. You will even be putting out fire and participating in a black out drill. Perhaps the most physically challenging event is the ladder climb of Haslet's Truck 28 105ft. arial. This is a camp that better prepares you so you can be a person to turn to in a stressful situation. Careflite air ambulance often makes an appearance.

KIDS FIRE CAMP- June 8. 2019
To Sign-Up: Call Nancy Garner

The Kids Fire Camp is an immersion into the daily life of a Haslet Firefighter. Upon arrival, the children take place in a brief physical activity to warm up for the day of fun learning. The children are then split into several groups of which they will stay with for the remainder of the day. These groups begin at one of several stations and rotate until they have completed all activities. The day’s activities include first aid, CPR, operation of an AED device, fire apparatus walk through, use of firefighting tools and equipment, and much more. CareFlite air ambulance also makes an appearance. At the end of the day, we bring all children together as they participate in a challenge putting their newly learned skills to the test. An awards ceremony is the last event of the day.

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